Cholsum Fc jersey

Soccer kits


Cholsum Fc approached NJT for some soccer jerseys. The jerseys come in a set of 15 numbered 1-15. Cholsum had their own team crest. so we edited it for printing, got our manufacturing team to print off the vinyls of the crest and an additional number, which we pressed onto the front of the jersey.

These kits are $22 each (don't forget we don't charge HST), we printed the crest and numbers on the front for an extra $5. A lot of Toronto printing companies will charge you anywhere between $10-$20 for pressing names and numbers, what a rip off!

You can see the finished jerseys below and you can all see the Chosum team kitted out. And hey they won the Tungkrat Cup and $2000 too. Well played lads.

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